Swimming, fishing, water sports, tennis, basketball, riding a bike, hiking in the nature, shopping and enjoying “great food” are some of the many things you can do during your stay.
As for the nightlife, there are plenty different ways of having fun, depending on each one’s mood.

Beaches and Mud Baths

The beaches in the region are organized, nominated with “Blue Flags”. They offer intense changes of scenery combining, both crystal clear waters and green hills and mountains, too.
Makrygialos, with the sandy beaches and the graphic fish taverns, has an organized beach, ready to welcome the visitors.
Following, among the green hills, just a few meters away from the byzantine ruins of the region, lie the golden beach of Ai- Gianni and Pydna, creating a calm but yet sacramental atmosphere, at the same time. 
The Mud Baths in Alikes Kitrous in Pieria constitute a significant pole of attraction for the visitors. Dozens of people whelm the Mud Baths located in Alikes Kitrous during the summer. Therapeutic Clay is the kind of clay that is created when suitable soil material comes in touch with hot mineral water and that has therapeutic- healing power for the human thanks to its composition.

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Delta of Aliakmonas River is known to be a magnificent sight with flora and fauna. It is a part of a wetland habitat with total expanse of 40,000 acres which includes parts of the rivers Gallikos, Axios and Loudias.
The centers of attention for the visitors are the theme park and the bird observatory in Nea Agathoupoli in Pieria, in a distance of 5 km for an organized tour. The area is included in the network “Natura 2000” of the European Union as SpecialProtection Area for the birds, which is protected by the Ramsar Convection.
Around 215 kinds of birds have been recorded. The Ardea purpurea - Purple Heron, the Glossy Ibis- Plegadis falcinellus, the Barbara, the Kentish plover- Charadrius alexandrines and the Dalmatian Pelican- Pelecanus crispus are only some of the rare species of birds that one can find in Nea Agathoupoli.
Also, one of the few pairs of the White-tailed Eagles-  Haliaeetus albicilla in Greece resorts in this area.
Along with them coexist other rare animals like jackals, foxes and ferrets, too. In addition, there is a wide range of vegetation along the coasts of the region. 

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The ancient monuments and the tradition of our district

A part of the Macedonian history is discovered in the region of Makrygialos (5000 BC) which is a neolithic settlement, in Ancient Pydna, one of the greatest towns of Ancient Macedonia, in the Cemetery in Ancient Pydna, in Macedonian Tomb (5th century BC), in the Basilica (of the Old Christian Period)  of the Byzantine Bishopric and in the Fountain Elefthoxoriou of the post-Byzantine period (18th century DC). All of these are significant monuments that everyone should visit. Moreover, it’s worth to pay a visit at the Folklore Museum in Kolindros.

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Η Θρησκευτική Κληρονομιά μας

There are a number of byzantine sights related with religion that attract the interest of the visitors.
The Church of Saint Athanasios, which has been characterized as a listed monument and it has mural paintings from the 16th century DC, the Church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul which is dated from the 14th century DC, the “Great Bridge” in the Church of Saint George which is dated from 1537 DC while the marble plate that covers its Altar is dated from 1014 DC, the Axion Esti, the grove of Saint Nicolas, the Church of Saint Athanasios,  a certain part of the Abbey Grigoriou in the Mount Athos, the Monastery of  Prophet Elias are only some of them.

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Summertime events

June: Holy Spirit Holiday. “Kourmpani”. Events for the good health of people created by the club “anatoliki Romilia” at the Church of Divine Ascenption in the region “Xapefto”. A traditional food called “kourmpani” is offered to the visitors.
June 29th: Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Holiday. The club “Dimitra” revives an old celebration of the holiday which takes place in the old Byzantine Church.
Cultural August: In the mid of August the club “Dimitra” organizes the Cultural August which is dedicated to the Holiday of the Assumption of Mary. The event lasts a week and it includes concerts, traditional dances and theatrical plays.

August: “Meeting of the Pontic Greeks”. During the last weekend of August is celebrated by the cultural club of the village (Katahas) the meeting of the Pontic Greeks with the natives, which is called “ARISTOTLE”. It involves dance events, focusing especially on a dance called “Peykonas Katahas”.

Mydochara: During the last ten days of July there is a local feast where roast clams and wine are offered.

June 29th: Festivities for the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Holiday.

July 26th: Saint Paraskeyi Holiday, patron saint of Dion. Events with music, dance and more are organized by the cultural club of Dion, “Olympian Zeus”.

July 26th : Festivities for the Saint Paraskeyi Holiday

July 20th: Festivities in the centre of the village for the Prophet Elias Holiday

August 15th: Festivities for the Assumption of Mary Holiday in the monastery Panagias Makryrraxis.

End of July: Nautical Week. Every two years cultural events with painting and photo exhibitions, speeches, presentations of traditional dances and music concerts take place. Also, there are demonstrations of tourist and fishing boats, speedboats, as well as, marine games in the sea.
Mid- July: International folklore events. The Municipality Of Paralia in the mid of July organizes events with traditional dances by foreign folklore dancing groups from Tunisia, Armenia, Belarus, Cameroun, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain and others. These events last for a week. At the beginning of the events, there is a parade with all the participant groups which is followed by a huge dancing show by the folklore groups.
August: During the last ten days of August, an international football youth tournament, the “MYTIKAS CUP” is organized in the beach of Pieria by the Municipality of Paralia, with the aid of the Union of the Football Organizations  of Pieria. 
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